We keep discovering the beauty of diversity, we perceive it as a surprise, we see its uniqueness as important and seek to open up a space for development.

We are here to strengthen the wellbeing of children and young people in Bulgaria who are in a situation of vulnerability in respect to the fields of health, education and social inclusion.

We are here to assist and accompany the professionals who work directly with children experiencing mental suffering.



We work for:

- The development and support for the interdisciplinary approach and interinstitutional cooperation in the field of work with children;

- The organisation of thematic trainings, conferences and seminars and the development and dissemination of awareness-raising and methodological materials;

- The development of social services of support, the counseling and social integration of children at risk and children with special needs;

- The building up of the skills of the professionals working with children and increasing the quality of care;

- The development and implementation of programs for vocational training for professionals in the field of child care;

- The provision of individual and group supervisions for the staff of the specialised institutions and centers;

- The development and implementation of programs and services for children at risk, children with special needs and their families;

- The development and implementation of programs and services for early intervention and programs reducing the risk of abandonment, prevention of violence against and among children, prevention of social exclusion;

- Support for the reform of child care in Bulgaria.

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